Cataract Surgery

Illustration of Cataract by Brisbane Ophthalmologist Dr David Gunn.

What is a cataract?

The natural lens in the human eye ages with time. The lens starts to turn brown and the sharpness and quality of your vision may reduce. Your glasses prescription may start to change as well. This dysfunctional lens is now called a cataract.

What can be done about it?

Once glasses can no longer help, cataract surgery can be performed to improve your vision. This involves making small ports to access the inside of the eye, removing the cataract & replacing it with a clear artificial lens.

Cataract Vision Simulation for Dr David Gunn Ophthamologist Brisbane

Is eye surgery safe?

Modern eye surgery is a marvel of advances in technology and surgical skills. Cataract surgery is considered safe and routine surgery for the vast majority of patients. That said, with any operation there are small or uncommon risks that Dr Gunn will discuss with you at your consultation.

Will I be awake during surgery?

Dr Gunn finds that most patients feel more comfortable being asleep during the operation. This is achieved with topical anaesthetic and heavy twilight sedation. You can relax in the lead up to surgery knowing that you won’t feel or remember the operation, and it avoids the small risks of local or a general anaesthetic.

How much does cataract surgery cost IN BRISBANE?

Insured cataract surgery is only covered by “Gold” level private health cover plans. There will usually be a “known gap” for the surgery that ranges from $0 - $500 maximum depending on your insurance company .

There is no gap on the hospital, lens or anaesthetic fee, though you may have elected to have an excess on your insurance plan. You wil be given a full quote for the surgery on the day you see Dr Gunn for an assessment.

I Don’t HaVe insurance - how much would cataract surgery cost?

If you are uninsured or have “Silver” or “Bronze” level private cover, Dr Gunn is pleased to offer surgery as an intermediate patient at the Mater Hospital or at the South Bank Day Hospital. For uninsured cataract surgery with a standard monofocal non toric lens - the out of pocket fee is $1900 per eye at the Mater hospital or $2280 per eye at Southbank Day Hospital. Dr Gunn has no financial interest in either hospital.

Lady with eye patch post cataract surgery visiting Ophthalmologist Brisbane.

Am I able to get rid of my glasses?

Short sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism can be corrected at the time of cataract surgery. A routine approach aims to give patients clear distance vision without glasses and to use reading glasses for near vision following surgery.

New technologies such as extended depth of focus or multifocal lenses allow patients to avoid wearing glasses entirely or only occasionally for very fine visual tasks. These lenses can work extremely well and improve quality of life if selected for the right patients. Dr Gunn will determine if you are a candidate for this type of procedure and will discuss the options with you.